A Look at St. Louis Board Game Stores
Austin Bennett - 07/14/2014

St. Louis is a pretty great city for a gamer.

This is not only because we're home of the World Chess Hall of Fame. There's a really active gaming community, and tons of local shops and events for gamers to enjoy. Let's take a look at what St. Louis has to offer to board gamers. If you're new to the area, just getting into gaming, or want to get some more gaming in, this should be a great read.

Every gamer loves their friendly, local game store, right? Typically, that's singular. Store. However, we have a decent selection here in the St. Louis area. There's Game Nite, Wizard's Wagon, Fantasy Shop, and Miniature Market. Those are the major ones that I've personally visited and supported with my money. Really, you can't make a bad choice here. I'll go over some of the things that makes each one great.

Game Nite

They have a huge selection here and the staff is friendly. They are also very supportive of the community: they sponsor and host the local meetup group, have open gaming, and run various events of their own. They have a large selection of games available for customers to play in their nicely-sized gaming area as well. When people think of a FLGS, this is what would come to mind.


Wizard's Wagon

I visit this location a lot, and it is another store with a huge variety of games. If they don't have what you're looking for, the knowledgable staff is very helpful raind willing to order or suggest an alternate game. This location used to have a small gaming space with a small selection of games, but they have since renovated the upstairs and use it as a massive, open gaming area. They generously host open game nights every week, along with a slew of other events. It's located in the Delmar Loop, so there's plenty of food and drink options within walking distance.


Fantasy Shop

Fantasy Shop has several locations around the St. Louis area, but I will be speaking specifically about the St. Charles location, as that's the one I visit most frequently. It is a large location, but is split between games, comics, and merchandise. It can feed a couple of different hobbies, but the board game selection isn't stellar. I should note that each time they don't have what I'm looking for, they do offer to order it or have it shipped from a different location. My favorite thing about Fantasy Shop are bi-monthly Game Days, which they host in their spacious gaming area. It always draws a crowd, and they have a huge wall of games available to play.


Miniature Market

This one probably sounds familiar due to their online store. They are predominately an online business, but as a result, they have some of the best prices and selection around. The staff might not be the most knowledgeable, but I typically know what I want before I even enter thanks to their great website. I can't speak to their gaming area as I've never seen it, but it can be fun to walk around their showroom and check out the ding and dent sale items.


Did I miss a store? Get something completely wrong? Let me know at In my next segment I'll talk about the local game groups and where to play games around St. Louis.