Privacy Policy

What do we collect?

Not much. We use first party cookies from Google Analytics to measure webpage performance statistics. Pretty vanilla stuff, because the Google Analytics dashboard confuses and kinda scares us. You can opt-out of that stuff by installing this browser addon from Google.

Beyond that, we only collect whatever you manually type into our form. If you backed one of our successful Kickstarter campaigns, we also collect the data that Kickstarter provides to us (email address, shipping address, Kickstarter username, pledge amount).

What do we do with your data?

If you sign up for our newsletter, back a successful Kickstarter, or buy something, we send you newslestters sometimes. Not very often, to be honest. They all have unsubscribe links, so you can opt out whenever. We use Hatchbuck, so here's their privacy policy.

We use the Google Analytics data to fawn over page hits from other states and countries. It's basically a fancy, modern pagehit tracker to us since we don't really market.

The data we receive from Kickstarter about our backers is used to fulfill your orders and keep a record of your purchases. Our servers don't store anything more sensitive than an email address (see next section for more information about how payments are handled).

How do we protect your data?

When you buy something, we don't keep any payment information on our servers. In fact, we never even see your credit card number. Your payment information is securely transferred (via SSL) to our payment processor, Stripe. Once your information hits their servers, you're on their terms, which you can find here.

The little information we DO keep on our server is locked down tightly. If someone manages to brute force our 2048-bit RSA key (which would take around 6.4 quadrillion years, give or take), they'd still need to know several different passwords to use it, and then actually access any of the data. All that for a handful of email addresses with no payment information? Come at us, bros.

Do we sell or disclose your information to 3rd parties?

Ha. Nope.

How can you change your personal information on file?

Email us at

What if the privacy policy changes?

We will update this page if our privacy policy changes. If you're on our email list, we'll shoot you a message as well.

Have any questions?

You can contact us at If you want to get really personal, feel free to call us at (314) 325-APES (it's real, I swear).