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Space Gypsies
A space exploration, worker placement game


You’re a Space Gypsy. You captain a small crew that's just trying to make their way in the galaxy. Your ship is your home, your crew is your family, and your dream is to have riches and fame.

Over the course of eight rounds, you will explore the galaxy, recruit crew members, and complete missions. Each crew member is unique, and brings a different set of skills to your team. Each mission is different, and offers a useful reward.


2-5 players

For a game of Space Gypsies, 3-5 players is optimal, but the 2 player game is surprisingly fun and fast-paced.

Ages 12+

There's some reading and small parts involved, and it can be slightly complicated to understand for young kids.

120-150 minutes

Most games feel much shorter than they are due to the quick pacing. 2 player games can take less than 90 minutes.

Gameplay Overview

Each player assumes command of a ship and must explore the known universe in an effort to raise money to hire new crew members and build their reputation/money stash.

Players can move their base ship around the board to "set up camp" near hotbeds of activity. Crew members are launched from the base ship, so the location of the base ship has a very tangible effect on fuel usage throughout the game. The base ships may also explore the outer edges of the universe.

As players explore the frontiers of the board, new hex tiles are taken from a pre-shuffled stack and added onto the edge, creating a new play experience every time. Each of these tiles offers a new location for players to send their crew members.

Tiles offer things such as resources, quest hubs, money, and recruitment stations. Players strive to raise money and build a solid crew lineup to aid with efficient resource gathering by means of perks or bonuses. This makes it easier to complete quests and gain universal renown.


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